• Introduction to Lao zi

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    Lao zi, name Li Er, the word ‘Bo Yang’, also name Lao Dan. was born in about around BC 571 the later period of spring and autumn (Chunqiu period ), Chu state Ku county (now Henan LuYi). Had done Zhou dynasty keep hidden chamber of history, in charge of the royal scheme. His about more than twenty years old greater than Confucius, Confucius had to zhou dynasty asked him ritual, back after Lu state to his students say: I see Lao tze, like be secretive in one, knowledge deep and unpredictable, it is my teacher!

    Zhou dynasty decline, Lao zi resign the goverment post then from west going to ‘han-gu-guan’ into the qin state, the defend of gate duty officials name YinXi ask for stay. Written have the “Lao zi” five thousand words, also called the “Tao Te Ching”. Then his “Left vanish into thin air”.
    Was China ancient times a great philosopher and thinker, founder of the Taoist school. By the Tang dynasty emperor after think those named ‘Li’ account ancestor, and be Tang emperor Wu after sealing for the very high lord (Tai Shang lao jun). Is the world cultural celebrities, the world one hundred celebrities. His opus essence is simplicity dialectics, opinion govern by doing nothing that goes against nature, the theory to the development of Chinese philosophy has a profound effect. His is be honored as Taoism ancestor.

    “Lao zi” with ‘way’ to explain the evolution of the universe, that the tao bring forth one, one bring forth two, two bring forth three, three bring for all things on earth. ‘Tao’ is ‘the life command and often nature’. Human being way to earth, earth way to heaven, heaven way to Tao, Tao way to natural rule. ‘Tao as the objective laws of nature, but also has a independent don’t change, go not almost’ eternal significance.